Author: Duncan Riley

What Makes Wheat Beer Different?

Wheat beer is becoming a more and more popular type of beer.However, much like other types of beer, no two wheat beers are the same. Do you know the differences? What makes wheat beer different is the easiest part, and that’s simply the use of wheat in the brewing process. A typical wheat beer is brewed with 30-70 percent wheat malt. The remainder is barley malt, the same kind used to brew other types of beer. According to About Food that wheat also delivers additional protein to a beer, versus the regular barely. This also creates a haze in the beer...

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Pairing Drinks with Dessert

When we think about pairing alcoholic drinks with dessert, many will simply consider classics such as fortified wine and ports. However, there’s a range of drinks available that can be a far better match for the dessert you’re eating. The key to pairing a drink to a dessert is to obtain a complimentary flavor, and to balance to the dessert you are enjoying. Allison Kave, and Keavy Blueher are great at giving insight into dessert and drink pairings. Both work with Butter & Scotch, a combination dessert and cocktail bar. According to Kave and Blueher, while talking to  Bon Appetite, the general rule...

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