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Top Drinks To Enjoy During Summer

Now that we are basking in the dog days of summer, the best way to relax or celebrate with friends and family during this weather is to indulge with refreshing mixed drinks!  Here are our favorite drinks for your summer celebration.   Frozy Navels This easy to make drink is celebrated by Delish and takes less than five minutes to prepare.  A frozen take on the Fuzzy Navel, there are only four ingredients, and sliced peaches for garnish.  Mixing a can of frozen orange juice concentrate with frozen peaches, peach schnapps, and orange liquor, this drink is perfect with a summer brunch.  ...

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Backyard Parties and the Best Pitcher Drinks to Join Them

With summer in full swing, and the dog days of summer upon us, this is a great time of year for backyard parties and pitchers of easy-to-make but delicious cocktails to indulge your guests with.  It’s important to remember, regardless of your climate, your drinks will be best if chilled. Also, allowing your mixed drinks enough time to fully develop will result in the best possible drinks for you and your guests. Red Wine Sangria Not many people may know that Emeril Lagasse’s skills in the kitchen continue to the bar. However, his red wine sangria is easy to...

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Best Places for Wine Tasting in Dallas

Jason Moore does not mince words when he writes that Dallas is not particularly known for it’s appeal to winos. However, when it comes to life here in Dallas with our architecture, museums, and boutique shopping, it is clear that those who call DFW home do enjoy the finer things-wine is no exception.  While craft beers may be making all of the alcohol-related headlines, the DFW has many outstanding wine bars that are deserving of a visit. Cork Wine Cork offers an experience like no other to those lucky enough to call Dallas home.  Located in West Village, Cork...

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Red Wine, in Moderation, is Great for Your Longterm Health

There are some things in life that are too good to pass up, even though they may not be the best things for our health.  Until recently, one of these unhealthy habits included drinking wine.  Yet, recent studies have shown that drinking red wine in moderation offers significant health benefits. Mandy Oaklander of Time Magazine called alcohol “the Goldilocks of the nutrition world.”  Drinking too much alcohol can lead to serious health problems such as high blood pressure; increases your risk for several types of cancer; damage to your liver, pancreas, and immune system; as well as the obvious risk of...

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The Best Dallas Brewed Beers, and When to Try Them

North Texas is fortunate to have many local breweries crafting outstanding beer for the rest of us to enjoy.  David Hopkins of D Magazine checked out some of the regions brightest beer makers, here is a list of his favorites and when you can go and taste the best Dallas brewed beers. Franconia Brewing Company This German influenced brewery may be located in North Texas, but holds true to it’s Bavarian roots.  Franconia is also proud to highlight their green initiatives.  For example by recycling 100% of their mash, the leftover hops from brewing, which is used by Koster Kattle...

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