Alcohol has been a fundamental part of human culture for somewhere in the neighborhood of the last 9,000 years, which coincidentally is about how long humans have been growing their own food rather than chasing it down with a spear.

Our love for booze has given rise to hundreds of different types of drinks made from just about any organic substance you can think of, and today you can wander into any liquor store and be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available.

At Drinky.Science, our goal is to celebrate the entire alcohol spectrum, from the humblest local beers to the sort of top-shelf liquors you keep under lock and key. Heck, we will even celebrate all of the weird, off-beat drinks from around the world, from Mongolia’s kumis (fermented horse milk) to Japan’s habushu (liqueur with whole poisonous snakes in it). Yum.

We are dedicated to making Drinky.Science a resource for anyone interested in learning more about booze, whether it is the current industry news and trends, the latest advancements in the science of brewing and distilling, or even the history behind where your favorite drinks come from and how they are made.

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Coming up on Drinky.Science

For June, our main focus will be beer, one of the world’s most widely enjoyed alcoholic beverages. Here are a few articles you can expect from Drinky.Science over the coming weeks:

A brief history of beer
Delve into the history of beer. Where did beer come from? How is it made? What are the latest trends in the beer industry today, and where is it going in the future?

Finding your local brewing scene
America has seen a craft beer renaissance over the last few years, and now every major city has dozens or more local breweries churning out some amazing beers that you can’t find anywhere else. This guide will help you get started on your local beer journey.

Cooking with beer
Beer is good for more than just drinking. There are tons of recipes out there that use beer as an ingredient, from pretzels to chili and more. This article will have a few recipes that will give you new uses for your six-pack. Pair the food with a beer for double the beery goodness.

How to hold a beer tasting
Beer tastings are a great way to try new brews and to share some of your favorites with your friends. You could just buy a few different cases and mix and match, but building a perfect tasting experience is both an art and a science.

Photo by Sam Howzit (License)